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The White Rose Ministry
White Rose Ministry is a family based ministry. We have two ministers available to meet your requests. We are very compassionate, understanding, experienced, and genuinely interested in you and your special request!

Everyone is welcome! There are as many love stories as there are beating hearts, and every one of them is as unique as the couple who shares their love! Let your wedding ceremony be as unique as you are. We welcome all religions, nationalities, and have both spiritual or civil ceremonies available.

A Handfasting is a wonderful and ancient way to celebrate your love and seal those special vows. Handfastings vary is style and meaning. The 'Year and a Day' Handfasting ceremony is not legal, and no marriage license is required for this ceremony. There is a legal Handfasting ceremony that can be performed during your wedding ceremony. Of course, a marriage license is required for this type of Handfasting.

Vow Renewals
Whether you have been married a month, a year or fifty years,

say “I do” and "I love you!" once again! If you were married in a

judge’s chambers, at city hall, or had a princess wedding the first

time around, you can add some romance to re-ignite those flames

of love. Often done on a wedding anniversary, but a Vow Renewal

can be done at any time. Renew your wedding vows at our cozy

and romantic chapel or at your choice of venue. Use may also use your original ceremony.

Commitment Ceremonies
This is a special ceremony that shows your love and concern
for another person. Whether you want to only commit as a couple or have a commitment ceremony as an engagement ceremony, all our couples find the commitment ceremony as moving and precious as the love they feel for one another. They enjoy this ceremony as a way of openly showing their feelings the share.

Blessings ~ Baby Blessings and Baptisms

Whether your precious baby is only a few weeks old, an inquisitive toddler, or an immortal teenager, we are more than honored to baptize, bless, or perform a ceremony of your choice. Multi-children families are encouraged and welcome!

House Blessings

​Have your old or new home blessed. We also offer blessings for birthdays, businesses, and more!

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