Domestic Abuse

Do you feel safe in your home?

You can get free, confidential help and information from a domestic violence program in your area.

Women Against Abuse
1-866-723-3014 - 24 hour hotline

Bucks County
A Woman's Place
1-800-220-8116 - 24 hour hotline

Lehigh County
Turning Point of Lehigh Valley
1- 610-437-3369 - 24 hour hotline

Montgomery County
The Women’s Center
1-800-773-2424 - 24 hour hotline

Congresso De Latinos – 215-763-8870


In an emergency   ...  call 911

Domestic abuse happens in many forms.

Hitting, threatening, or not allowing a woman to speak to her family or friends - are all forms of domestic abuse.

If you are afraid - call one of the places listed above to get free help.

They will help you.

Domestic abuse does not go away and the abusers do not get better  –  no matter what they promise you!

They tell you they won’t hit you again, but they will hit again.

They will try to convince you they are in control and getting better,

or make promises of lovely trips, new clothes, etc.

They want you to believe they are looking out for your welfare,

but the only control they have is over you and your children.

Take the step and copy the phone number above and put it in a safe place.

 When a problem arises, or you are able,

get out of the house and go to a safe place;

 a neighbor's home that you trust,

 or a family member,

 or call the number above in your county.

Take control of Domestic Abuse and take control of your life.

     White Rose Ministry   267.250.6311