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Statement of Faith

Statement of Faith - Our Philosophy

We are all interconnected. Every living being is interconnected so much so, that we are, each one of us, as a single grain of sand.

All these grains of sand together form a beach. Some of the sand on that beach becomes wet as the tides ebb and flow, while

other grains of sand remain buried deep beneath surface of the waves of the ocean, completely saturated with the sea water.

Those waves from the ocean are similar to the arms of God, coming in and out, ebbing and flowing, trying to reach and contact

the immensity of humankind.

Some of those wet grains of sand, deep under the water are saturated with the presence of God, some become wet as the tides

shift as they allow God to come into and go out of their lives, while others, are dry all the time, avoiding or trying to avoid a relationship with God.

A single grain of sand is not a beach. A cupful of sand does not form a dune, and neither would a truck load of sand dumped

into the ocean create an island for us to enjoy. Every grain of sand, millions of them together form that beach. Millions of sand

grains together have a relationship with God, and yet, millions more are nowhere near water as they form a dry, desolate, desert.

Although some use the term God, others use the term Universe, while others simply call It “Love”!

We are all trying to reach that vastness known as Love. Let us be valiant in our attempt.